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Time to Make That Change

You feel it... Everyone feels it. That feeling of bracing for what's next to come. People go along with their normal, everyday lives out of habit with that blank stare or even glazed over their eyes.

I call this the zombie effect. Everybody knows we are in dire times and in serious trouble. We just don't talk about it. It's too uncomfortable of a feeling to face or digest. We are on the brink of so many historic events, such as a economic collapse, the deterioration of our society, which comes with hatred, violence, and perversion. The crumbling of our religious institutions, racial violence and tension, horrific mass shootings; we can hear the beating of the drums of war, pornography has become for many the main stream life. Now we learn 37 million supposedly happy marriages are cheating on Ashley Madison. It seems there is no end in sight. Well, I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be this way.

Main stream media promotes this and it's an actual agenda. They want to lower our vibration as a society to a dull and dense frequency. This is a tool that is used by tyrannical governments so the masses are more easily controlled. This is a war on us and our sanity. It's all part of the brain washing and control-with-fear tactic they use as a very powerful tool. As we the people watch more of the news and surf horrific events on the internet, we become inundated and desensitized. Just like the food you put in your body, so are the images you feed your brain. It becomes your main course of reality so to speak. The people that control our financial institutions and political system and religious institutions also control our media. This is done at the very top and they know how to use this as a very powerful tool against the people for mass control. We as a people are a direct threat in mass numbers, so they must lead and guide us through fear. They are in danger of us waking up out of our controlled paranoia and apathy and seeing our reality for what it is: A grand illusion of lies.

You can use any excuse you want through the tactic of fear to take away rights, guns, and createillegal wars. They accomplish this by playing it like a broken record on the mainstream media and you fall hypnotically into it. People will happily march towards socialism and communism if they feel their safety is at risk. Fear is a very powerful tool because it spreads like a virus in the minds of otherwise rational thinking adults.

A solution? I recommend you get back to reading books and spending time with your family. Maybe help in community service. Turn off the internet and your television set and please go breathe life again. Go get to know your neighbors and walk your dog. Smile and say "hello" to others. And go give thanks to God for another beautiful day in his kingdom. God bless

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